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GitHub Hacktoberfest combined status

This badge is designed for projects hosted on GitHub which are participating in Hacktoberfest, an initiative to encourage participating in open-source projects. The badge can be added to the project readme to encourage potential contributors to review the suggested issues and to celebrate the contributions that have already been made. The badge displays three pieces of information:

  • The number of suggested issues. By default this will count open issues with the hacktoberfest label, however you can pick a different label (e.g. ?suggestion_label=good%20first%20issue).
  • The number of pull requests opened in October. This excludes any PR with the invalid label.
  • The number of days left of October.

If your GitHub badge errors, it might be because you hit GitHub's rate limits. You can increase's rate limit by adding the Shields GitHub application using your GitHub account.

Path Parameters
year string REQUIRED

Possible values: [2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023]

Example: 2023

user string REQUIRED

Example: tmrowco

repo string REQUIRED

Example: tmrowapp-contrib

Query Parameters
suggestion_label string

Example: help wanted

style string

Possible values: [flat, flat-square, plastic, for-the-badge, social]

If not specified, the default style for this badge is "flat".

Example: flat

logo string

One of the named logos (bitcoin, dependabot, gitlab, npm, paypal, serverfault, stackexchange, superuser, telegram, travis) or simple-icons. All simple-icons are referenced using icon slugs. You can click the icon title on simple-icons to copy the slug or they can be found in the file in the simple-icons repository. Further info.

Example: appveyor

logoColor string

The color of the logo (hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla and css named colors supported). Supported for named logos and Shields logos but not for custom logos. For multicolor Shields logos, the corresponding named logo will be used and colored.

Example: violet

logoSize string

Make icons adaptively resize by setting auto. Useful for some wider logos like amd and amg. Supported for simple-icons logos only.

Example: auto

label string

Override the default left-hand-side text (URL-Encoding needed for spaces or special characters!)

Example: healthiness

labelColor string

Background color of the left part (hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla and css named colors supported).

Example: abcdef

color string

Background color of the right part (hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla and css named colors supported).

Example: fedcba

cacheSeconds string

HTTP cache lifetime (rules are applied to infer a default value on a per-badge basis, any values specified below the default will be ignored).

Example: 3600

link string[]

Specify what clicking on the left/right of a badge should do. Note that this only works when integrating your badge in an <object> HTML tag, but not an <img> tag or a markup language.